Software for organisation management

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Corporate portal to share knowledge and manage documents

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Release management and development environments management

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Electronic form and workflow server for contract and requests automation

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Corporate application management and private Nuget packages source

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Traditional Content Management System for Internet shop

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Sales, licensing and automatic software updates

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Software Deployment to the popular cloud hostings

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Radolet is a software development company. We offer the tools for team collaboration, management of the teams, departments or foreign offices. We are good at solutions for corporate and government clients. Our tools is a result of the 10 years of experience with major projects for big multinationals.

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"I am ADDICTED by your products, FYI. We deployed it on and it is amazing."

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"Snegir Shop what a joy! So many tools for business in a single product makes life easier."

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"We tried other more expensive products but Snegir is the best! You get the product valued at thousands of dollars!"

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Sales and Payments

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